Reiki is a form of energetic rebalancing which encourages the flow of chi/qi/ki/prana/life force into its innate and natural harmony.

This subtle energy is a matter of touching electromagnetic fields. Allow yourself to be open to say no to what does not serve you. Check in with yourself. Also, allow yourself the joy of exploring mutual yes's.

Boundary respecting touch can move us through feelings of isolation, stagnation, limbo, and anxiety. The body has mechanisms within it for self healing. Reiki is an energetic tuneup for that capacity.

Say no to what you don't and yes to what you do


Rei - Place into order

Ki - Univeral Life Force

Healing energy can be transmitted over the expanse of space and time. However, the complexly simple act of touch transmits immense chemical data within the human organism which reminds the nervous system to trigger hormonal rebalancing to promote well being.

Our consultant; somaticist, artist, and energetic alchemist; Ms. Morris is a proponent of loving regard for self and other.

Honoring our personal comfort and boundaries while opening ourselves to communicate our needs can be empowering and liberating. This is essential for any energy work involving touch.

The more deeply we allow ourselves to be sensitive and feel--to say no to that which does not fortify us and yes to that does--the more access we gain to the pleasure and fulfillment of our flow.

We are here to flow, flourish and fulfill ourselves.

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